mar.20 AND 27

_8 pm (London) 

_4 pm (USA - EST) _1 pm (USA PST) 

obs: Just remember that the link will be available 30 minutes before the session starts

Status: not started

::  welcome

Hi and welcome!

It’s a pleasure to have you here on this online session.

To access the online broadcast, just click on the link “Watch 180 Days of Winter”. You will be redirected to our streaming’s platform, then just enjoy it. Just remember that the link will be available 30 minutes before the session starts.

If it’s not one of the days of the show yet, there isn't a problem, you can subscribe your name and email on the form to receive a reminder message with days and times of the sessions.

_solidarity ticket

Our online session is a free entrance, but as you know we are passing through a very difficult moment and any help will be appreciated. Your contribution will help us to make other sessions like this and maintain our work and research.

We are very happy with your support :)

::  before it starts

here are some recommendations that will make your session better:

Headphones: To have a complete immersion and sound experience, we recommend you to use headphones. Then you can feel all the sound designer work made specifically for this season to make your experience better.


Low ambient light screen bright higher (80%): Turn off the light of the room where you are at and use your screen light at 80%. On this mode you will enjoy all the light effects created for this show.

Silent mode: If you were in a face-to-face session, we would ask you to turn off your phone during the session. But if you want to, we recommend to put it on silent mode, then you will not be interrupted during the session.

Be comfortable: Take a glass of wine, popcorn, beer, tea or juice, or whatever you like to consume during the session. Enjoy it, hopefully you are in a safe place taking care of yourself during the pandemic.

That’s it, enjoy the show!